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Prestige Doors are leaders in the industry of roller shutters, sliders, and industrial doors. We provide everything from supply and installation, to replacement, repairs, and around the clock maintenance for all commercial and industrial properties. Trust the experts at Prestige Doors for quality products and the professional services you need.
We provide services throughout East and West Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire. Whether it’s a general inquiry, scheduling a routine maintenance appointment, or an emergency call-out, our representatives are available and ready to help. For emergency maintenance at any time of the day or night, we are available 24/7, because your security should not be put on the line.
Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote at 0800-0833-105. For premium shutters and doors, industry experts, and security you can depend on, Prestige Doors shuts out all the competition.

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Parts and Labour Guaranteed

At Prestige Doors, our high standards transfer to you when it comes to quality and satisfaction. All parts and labour are insured and guaranteed in writing, so you can rest assured that the products you purchase are built to last. We respect the trust you put in us when you choose Prestige Doors, and we give back by striving for excellence and guaranteeing the security of your property every time.
From industrial and retail properties, to hotels and private properties, we have a long track record of providing high-quality services and products. With our wide range of bespoke industrial and commercial roller shutters, sectionals, fire doors, and more, Prestige Doors is the locally based source for all your security needs.

24-Hour Call Out

The industry experts and professionally trained staff work around the clock to bring you the support your business needs. Because our services are available 24/7, any event of vandalism, accidents, or damaged property that puts the security of your property and investments at risk is backed up by our fast and speedy security response. Whether it’s a break-in, destruction or property, or an act of nature, our number one concern is the security and on-the-spot repair of your premises.
For emergency services available 24/7, just give us a call at 0800-0833-105, and we’ll send a technician immediately to repair and secure your property once more.

Routine Maintenance

As a demonstration of our commitment to the security of your property, we offer a routine maintenance package to all our customers. The signs of normal wear-and-tear, rust, and other standard issues all have effects in the long run. Whether these effects cause delays or inconvenience in opening or closing doors, in the end, the smaller issues build up to the bigger issue of compromising your security. That is why Prestige Doors provides routine maintenance to all our clients, so that you can have safety and security for many years to come. Call now at 0800-0833-105 for more details about how you can sign up for routine maintenance.

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Our Products and Services

Prestige Doors offers a vast array of roller shutters, sliders, sectionals, steel doors and other items for all your industrial and commercial needs. Whether you’re the owner of a small storefront, a store in and indoor shopping centre, a carpark, warehouse, or anything else, we have the security options to not only meet your needs but give you plenty of choices.

Roller Shutters

Our roller shutters are the perfect solution for commercial storefronts and industrial warehouse. Roller shutters provide superior security compared to standard storefront doors, and they make it easier and faster to bring in shipments without hindering customers, even during business hours. For warehouses that deal with large shipments or that have frequent large vehicles on site for delivery or labour, roller shutters are an optimal choice for ease of access without lowering security.
We have a variety of roller shutters available, from weather-resistant galvanized steel, to sturdy yet light aluminium. Our roller shutters are bespoke, so no matter what size, material or style of roller shutter, we can customise your selection to fit your needs and desires.
In addition to roller shutters for commercial and industrial properties, we also offer many choices in roller shutter doors for trucks, vans and lorries. Roller shutter doors are the preferred choice for commercial and industrial vehicles because they require less space to open compared to standard doors that swing outward. In addition, roller shutter doors provide improved security to the standard door lock, making it easier to protect the valuables inside the vehicle.
Prestige Doors offers both electric and manual roller shutter doors. All our doors are made of aluminium, while the finish can vary from aluminium, plastisol, or coated polyester. What you choose all depends on your preferences and what suits your needs. Call today for a free quote to see what roller shutter doors work for your vehicle.

Industrial Doors

When it comes to industrial doors, our selection is unbeatable. Whether your property is located in an industrial, urban, or rural area, our industrial doors are certain to fit your needs. We have selections of everything from roller shutters, sectionals, and folding shutters, to flexible crash and steel doors. Our experts in the field of shutter and industrial doors can offer consultation services and a free quote to get you outfitted with the door most suitable to your business needs.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are a reliable and convenient choice for workshops, commercial garages, and secure storage facilities. Sectional doors open overhead and rise vertically, and they take up hardly any floor space, while still offering maximum security, making them ideal for shops in any area. Businesses that deal with frequent deliveries and limited space will find that sectional doors are the most convenient option.
Our sectional doors are designed to withstand any amount of damage, from accidental or intentional damage, destruction due to storms or natural disasters, fire, vandalism from cutting tools, and more. In the event of damage of any kind, our technicians are available 24/7 to offer on-site repair and maintenance. Our customers also enjoy routine maintenance packages, so that they can be assured of reliable security all year round.
For a free quote or to discuss our sectional door options, call today!

Sliding Doors

For large warehouses and facilities with extremely wide entrances, where lifting a door is not an option, sliding doors are a premium choice. Whether it’s an aircraft hangar or a lift entrance, a sliding door can be custom-built to match the exact dimensions and provide the ultimate security. In addition to ease of use, sliding doors also offer the option for partial openings for restricting access when needed.
Our fitted folding sliding doors are available in a wide range of sizes, and they can be customised to include fire protection features. Fire defence structuring allows for protection from fire for up to four hours. Because sliding doors are typically subject to frequent opening and closing, they are more susceptible to wear and tear. That is why Prestige Doors offers routine maintenance packages along with installation and emergency maintenance services, so you can trust that your sliding door will continue to provide maximum security for years to come.
For the highest quality commercial and industrial shutters and doors, and expert services, contact Prestige Doors. Call today at 0800-0833-105 for a free, no obligation quote.